Manage your Roku & FireTV channel content with ease and speed

All-in-one video feed management system built for Roku Direct Publisher, Roku, FireTV & other custom OTT apps
Price starts form $49/month

Price starts form $49/month

Why choose OTTfeed

Best solution for Roku Direct Publisher


Simply import or connect to CDN

Import from Vimeo Pro or connect to any CDN


Create custom ad breaks

Add custom ad breaks for each video


Easily organize & publish

Create categories, playlists, seasons & more

OTTfeed feature set

All-in-one feed management system for Roku Direct Publisher and custom OTT apps

All Content Types

• Movies & Short-Form Videos
• Series & Episodic Content
• TV Specials & Live Streaming

Management Tools

• Multi-Channel & Multi-Feed
• Manage Cast & Tags
• Manage Categories & Playlists

Advanced workflows

• For Individuals & Teams
• Advanced Fields Editing
• Ad Breaks & Feed Exceptions

Ottfeed is multi-channel


Each channel can have multi feeds going out with a different content configuration and metadata.

Ottfeed is multi-user

Series & Mini-Series

Organize your content from mini-series to mega series with seasons.

Ottfeed support custom ad breaks

Cast and Credits

Build a cast library and add credits to each video.

Ottfeed support advance options

Vimeo Pro & CDN

Import video metadata from Vimoe Pro or connect to any CDN.

Ottfeed support custom categories and playlists

Roku Direct Publisher Feed Schema

Our JSON feeds support Roku Direct Publisher feed schema.


With multi-channel support, Ottfeed platform was built to scale with your business.

Ottfeed is multi-feed

For Individuals & Teams

Multi-user support makes collaboration with your team members a breeze.

Ottfeed support series and seasons

Custom Ad Breaks

With custom ad breaks you can specify exact time for an ad up to a millisecond for each video.

Ottfeed support cast and credits

Advance Options

OTTfeed support multi-image, trickplay, closed caption, subtitles and much more.

Ottfeed support Vimeo pro import

Categories and Playlists

Manage categories and playlists and organize by tags or titles.

Ottfeed support roku direct publisher feed schema

Price starts form $49/month

Roku custome app

Upgrade your Roku Direct Publisher channel to our custom Roku app on a small-scale budget

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