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Starting an OTT initiative is complicated, expensive, and could be overwhelming without the proper support and expertise. That’s why we started a VIP solution to help businesses launch their OTT initiatives, and reduce time and cost. 

Save Time and Reduce Frustration 

We will guide you through the whole OTT process from start to finish, advise you on your content, and train your staff.

Save Money on Staff and Development

With our dedicated OTT expert assigned to your business, you will save money on new hires to lead your OTT initiative, and reduce development costs to minimum.

Increase Market Penetration

We will advise you on the best OTT platform combination for your business that will give you the most coverage for your budget.

Some of the services and features:

  • Dedicated OTT expert 
  • Video content strategy 
  • Staff training
  • Speed to market
  • VOD and livestream support
  • AVOD, SVOD, and hybrid monetization models
  • Realtime video & ad analytics
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Support (email, phone, and video)

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