Manage your Roku video content with ease and speed

Video management system built for Roku Direct Publisher and Vimeo

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OTTfeed Features

All-in-one video feed management system

Vimeo Pro Import

Connect and import video metadata from Vimoe Pro account with access token.

Series & Mini-Series

Organize your content from mini-series to mega series with seasons.

Categories and Playlists

Create categories and playlists and organize by tags or titles.

Cast and Credits

Build a cast library and add credits to each video.


With multi-channel support, Ottfeed platform was built to scale with your business.

Advance Options

Support multi-image, trickplay, closed caption, subtitles and much more.

Custom & Global Ad Breaks

With custom ad breaks you can specify ad breaks for each video in addition to global ad breaks.

$49/month with 7-day free trial

Start 7-Day free Trial

Some of the channels powered by OTTfeed

Standard Plan

Manage your Roku Channel


Start 7-Day free Trial

Everything you need to manage your Roku Direct Publisher channel: 

  • One channel feed
  • Unlimited videos & categories
  • Custom & global ad breaks
  • Vimeo Pro metadata import
  • One user account
  • Email support
  • Cancel anytime