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Unlocking Audience Behavior Insights With OTTfeed Analytics

Get powerful insights into how your audience engages with your video content through our comprehensive weekly and monthly analytics reports.

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of your audience reach.
  • Dive into viewer behavior with the average channel view duration.
  • Understand the geographical distribution of your audience.
  • Measure the overall engagement of your audience by tracking the total time watched.
  • Drill down into the performance of individual videos.

By leveraging OTTfeed Analytics, you have the tools to fine-tune your content strategy, enhance viewer engagement, and maximize the impact of your video content.

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Read what our happy clients are saying.

Los Angeles Magazine TV

"OTTfeed has truly outdone themselves with the creation of the Los Angeles Magazine Studios TV channel on Roku. Their dedication and hard work is commendable. This channel is a fantastic addition to the streaming world and a testament to the exceptional work OTTfeed consistently delivers."

Shane Farley, Exec. VP of Production & Development | Los Angeles Magazine TV

Los Angeles Magazine TV Channel available on the Roku Channel Store
Epic Travel TV

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Samir and his OTTfeed team! Their communication and step by step process makes it a breeze to work with."

Alex Boylan, CEO | Epic Travel TV

Epic Travel TV Channel available on the Roku Channel Store
Voice of Prophecy Channel

"OTTFeed really simplifies managing Roku content. It's great for busy teams with multifaceted content strategies and limited developer resources."

Ruben Gomez, Senior Director of Programming | Voice of Prophecy

Voice of Prophecy Channel available on the Roku Channel Store
Art Stream Videos Channel

"We engaged OTTfeed for our ASV Roku channel development and custom OTTfeed analytics. They delivered on time and on budget, and are especially responsive to questions and support. Their analytics is head and shoulders above what we receive from Roku's generic hard to use system. I recommend them very highly."

Steve Wilson, Founder | Art Stream Videos

Art Stream Videos Channel available on the Roku Channel Store

"OTTfeed simplified the process of launching our Roku Channel. Samir is very knowledgeable, patient and giving with his time. He helped me every step of the way, from conception to the launch of stlhiphop tv."

S Scarbriel, Founder | STLHIPHOP TV

STLHIPHOP TV Channel available on the Roku Channel Store
Good Vibrations Uplifting Docs Channel

"I'm excited by the growth of OTT and wanted to turn my professional portfolio into a Roku channel as a proof of concept. When I started to dig in on my own, I was frustrated by the lack of solutions that fit my specific needs. I wanted to create a custom, robust, meaningful user experience without lots of technical hoops or unnecessary services. Then I found OTTfeed! It is so simple yet so powerful; no other solution comes close! And it's genuinely fun to program and grow my own channel. I absolutely love it and cannot recommend it enough."

BJ Barretta, Principal | Good Vibrations Uplifting Docs

Good Vibrations Uplifting Docs Channel available on the Roku Channel Store

"OTTFeed delivered for us! Our custom Roku SDK was ready in less than 10 business days. In addition, all our questions were answered prior to signing OTTFeed custom Roku SDK lease. To date, the team has been very responsive."

Elena Chapa, President | Tejano360+

New Style Plus Channel available on the Roku Channel Store
Social Nostra Channel

"Since starting a custom Roku SDK lease with OTTfeed, I'm able to focus more on creating content! I needed a solution that offered good tech support and customer service. The setup process was easy, and email requests are always responded to quickly."

Oscar Rayford Jr, Founder | Soul Music Showcase

Soul Music Showcase Channel available on the Roku Channel Store

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