Create Roku & TV apps with no coding skills!

Half of all worldwide TV app users stream on a Roku device! Streaming revenue will soon eclipse TV revenue! Is your content ready?

Why should you create your own Roku channel?

Your own Roku channel


Number of Roku devices

Currently, there are 41 million Roku devices in American homes, and that number is only continue to grow


Number of Roku accounts

Roku currently has over 19 million active accounts. It is the largest streaming device provider worldwide


OTT video market size

Over-the-top video-on-demand narket will rise by $34 billion and reach $61 billion in 2024


Increase OTT revenue

Launching OTT apps is a move that has been proven to increase VOD revenue by 30%

Why choose OTTfeed

Three simple steps to start building your streaming empire


Set up a CDN

Choose betwen AWS and Vimeo for hosting your videos


Create your OTT feed

Manage your content and metadata in simple to use tool


Integrate with ad network

Set up your ad breaks and start growing your revenue

OTTfeed feature set

All-in-one feed management system for Roku Direct Publisher, Roku Channel and custom OTT apps

All Content Types

• Movies & Short-Form Videos
• Series & Episodic Content
• TV Specials & Live Streaming

Management Tools

• Multi-Channel & Multi-Feed
• Manage Cast & Tags
• Manage Categories & Playlists

Advanced workflows

• For Individuals & Teams
• Advanced Fields Editing
• Ad Breaks & Feed Exceptions

Start managing your content, metadata & ad breaks in all-in-one easy to use feed management system

Roku custome app

Upgrade to a custom Roku app

Supercharge your content and increase your ad revenue with a feature-rich and fully customizable app on a small-scale budget

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