Using Vimeo with Roku

Vimeo is a great online video platform and a lot of businesses and individuals use Vimeo as a content delivery network (CDN), a video storage for their OTT apps like Roku or FireTV.

You can directly connect Vimeo to Roku Direct Publisher channel by adding a JSON feed from your Vimeo showcase TV apps, but this will only show one category on the Roku channel. This is the biggest limitation of Vimeo, which is not enough for most businesses and individuals.

That is why we created platform, to bridge the gap between Vimeo and Roku. With OTTfeed you manage all your videos with ease and speed, create categories, series, seasons, and playlists.

In addition, platform allows you to create ad breaks for each video for your AVOD model.

Here is how to super charge your Roku channel with OTTfeed in few steps:

Need help with your OTT project

I have been working with Roku and other OTT platform for years. I founded and created platform, mainly to bridge the gap between content and OTT platforms. Also, I am an active user on the Roku forums, so if you have any questions or need help with your project you can DM on the Roku formu or book a session with me.

Published December 1, 2021