Increase your Roku ad revenue by 3x

This post is for anyone who is running ads with Roku Direct Publisher channel (AVOD model).

Increase your Roku ad revenue by 3x Roku Direct Publisher is a great free app, but it has it's limitations especially when it comes to ads, and when you are relining on ad revenue then its time to stop and think of switching to a custom Roku app (SDK).

According to Roku Ad guidelines:

  • You have to use ad breaks in your JSON feed, otherwise you will only get pre-roll ads, this is very time consuming especially if you are coding by hand
  • No pre-roll ads for movies, episodes or tv specials longer than 15 minutes
  • You cannot insert post-roll ad breaks
  • And this is a big one, according to Direct Publisher monetization guide post on Roku developer site in the ad logic section "When a viewer installs the channel, the first 15 minutes of content will be ad-free", fist 15 minutes will be ad-free, WHAT? A big percentage of our viewers are onetime viewers, they install the channel look around watch some and never comeback, so this limitation is huge when it comes to ad revenue, switching to custom Roku app will easily double your Ads or triple in most cases.

Cost of custom Roku app (SDK)

Normally the cost to develop a custom Roku app starts from $10,000, it can go up to $50,000 in some cases depending on the feature set, and it can take up to 6 month, but with our state of the art custom Roku solution, you can have a custom Roku channel up and running fast at dramatically lower cost.

Here are some of the features:

  • Support all types of monetization
  • Support all content types, movie, live, series, episodic, shot form, tv specials and Audio
  • Built-in real time video and ad analytics
  • Built-in authentication & authorization
  • Custom layouts and dynamic backgrounds

And much more, for more information about our custom Roku app, go to

Need help with your OTT project

I have been working with Roku and other OTT platform for years. I founded and created platform, mainly to bridge the gap between content and OTT platforms. Also, I am an active user on the Roku forums, so if you have any questions or need help with your project you can DM on the Roku formu or book a session with me.

Published October 20, 2021